Sacred Heart Convent School


This school is a Catholic Educational Institution established under the leadership of CCR Carmelieta Sisterhood. It was started in 1916 as an LP school consecratedby Bishop H. H. A. M. Bezigar, as the Sacred Heart Convent English Medium LP school. Children numbering 292 were given admission on 5th June 1916. Sister Mary Alberta is the first Head teacher and Alice Albert the first pupil. The school became an aided english medium school under the leadership of Sister Mary Augustine and Sister Mary Alberta functioning under jurisdictional control of Madras government in 1959. When KEA & R came in to force, the scool was upgraded as a middle school and it was changed in to a school having malayalam medium classes. The school was devided in to two - aided malayalam medium LP school and unaided UP section. Still now the LP section of the school functions as an aided malayalam LP school. In 1983 English medium classes were started in this school. The first student was Hains Xavier. Recognisation was granted for conducting english medium classess in 2004-2005 from Std. 1 to 4. Govt also granted recognation for classes from Std. 8 to 10 in unaided sector. The first batch of children appared for the SSLC examination March 2005. Thus, Sacrd Heart Convent High School came in to existence.
Now there are two divisions in each standard. The schieved 100 % pass in the SSLC exam during the past three years.
The school which started with limited umber of childrens, has now classes in all standard with two divisions each. At present provincial superior Sr. Mary Elona is the school manageress, Sr. Mary Grace is the Headmistress. There are 22 teachers. The school has the strength of 725 childrens.

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