The bitter and the sweet memories lie down with related the ANCHUTHENGU fort. It is the reminder of the invasion of the British. May be there wont be anything sweet memories to recollect excluding the nature beauty and the great persons influence. But all would be the attack and business.

ANCHUTHENGU fort was the first one to be ever built by the British in thiruvithamcorde, to secure there life. Sea route and the back water attracted many merchants to developed there business, Including Portuguese, Dutch and the British.

ANCHUTHENGU made its entry in the pages of history for the first time, when the East India Company launched there business centre (pandakasala) in 1673 with the permission of the Attingal Queen. And the following year British captured ANCHUTHENGU.

They began to build the fort in 1690 and completed it in 1695 with the permission of Attingal Queen. The business centers like Vizhinjam, Edava, and Kulachal were brought under the control of ANCHUTHENGU during this time. In 1729 ,when the English company got the ownership from Thiruvithamcore to do the business of pepper. The importance of ANCHUTHENGU also flourished increasingly day by day.

At the end of the 17th century the East India Company had set another business centre in Thalaserri excluding ANCHUTHENGU.

There arisen the red revolution that was the first against the British. Yet no one reminded, or no one given an important, totally became an isolated incident, that’s how it is scribbled down in the history. It was ATTINGAL REVOLUTION later known to the world and India.

On 15th April 1721, when the president of the ANCHUTHENGU fort mr.Gifford, two councilors and the rest of the fort army were on the way to give gifts to Attingal Queen, the people of ANCHUTHENGU revolted against them. Blocked there way, and throw all of them to death. Then they rounded the fort and it sustained for six months. But unfortunately many of the English army who came from Thalasseri defeated them and recaptured the fort. Havilton had written that the fort was protected by Mr. Inse until the army arrived from Thalasseri.

After Alexander Orme William Wake become the chief and in 1739 William was transferred to Thalasseri. In 1790 the Dutch people of kolly fort tried to destroy the ANCHUTHENGU fort. They could not be successful in there attempt.

ANCHUTHENGU had given most important than Thalasseri when Hydarali lead the army in to Malabar. Defense weapons like the gun, the materials used for making bullets, and all other things witch were required for the British army were sent from ANCHUTHENGU fort. Mr. Hutchison was the resident of ANCHUTHENGU in 1796. Veluthampi Dalava and canal Mekale were met and came to a treaty in ANCHUTHENGU only on 1805. So it was the place where the famous figures were at the early.

The fort is situated with in two acre square feet with 75 meters length and width. It is built up with bricks in a shape of square wall. The fort is now under the authority of archeological department of central government.

Inside the fort, in the entrance west corner there is a cave. It has ten feet width and height. There is a story being told among the local people that once a cow and a man entered inside the cave and they never returned back. So after the incident the people closed the entrance of the cave with bricks. Now it looks like a room. Where does the cave leads, what was purpose of it, how was it built and its use, will the government reopen it to make a research. There are many unanswered mystery questions considering the fort. Which seeks answers?

We can find no other building inside the fort except a well in the north side and a coconut tree nearby. There was a Gulmohar tree near the entrance of the fort but later it was cut down as it grew dangerous to the fort. Now we have a beautiful garden inside the fort with the help of archeological department. Even today we can find tomb of Portuguese out side it.

Three hundred years of memory had been forgotten by everyone when India celebrates its golden jubilee of independence. It may be they forgotten the ANCHUTHENGU revolution (Attingal revolution) or might be said to forget or kept or dumped in waste box of mind. It’s a fact of the truth that always has to face such neglect once.