The key offering ceremony

As part of rehabitating the Tsunami effected victims of Anjengo, key offering ceremony to the house losers of 94 families have been performed today in the morning by sri. Ananthalavattom Anandhan, MLA. The meeting was presided over by sri. Sasankan, member of District Panchayath, welcome by sri. Dinesh Arora IAS, inaugurated by sri. Anathalavattom Anandhan and benedictory speech by Rev. Fr. Mon. Eugin Pereira.
The newly built houses were infact given to those lost their houses in the fire which burnt as many as more than 55 houses to ashes in the year 200v. The victims have here to fore been living in the temperely constructed tents in the Anchuthengu school ground ever since the fire.
There was an unauthorised encroachment of land in the site opposite to the Panchayath office building and as many as 30 families live there. These families are also included in the rehabitation programme by the govt. to provide them with newly constructed houses.