Marriage Preparation Course 2011

Archdiocesan Pastoral Ministry conducts Pre-marriage Courses.
MPC is made compulsory in the Archdiocese before marriage.
All who attained the age of 18 can participate in MPC and the certificate issued will be valid forever.
Prior booking (at least before one week) is necessary.
Provide identification letter issued by the Parish Priest to reserve for the course and a passport size photo when attending the course.
Course begins at 03.00pm on the first day and concludes at 01.00pm on the final day.
A session is conducted for the parents of participants on the final day of the course from 10.00am to 01.00pm.
Fee: Rs 500/-

Jubilee Memorial Animation Center (JMAC), Archbishop’s House Campus, Vellayambalam, Trivandrum.

Dates for 2011
January 10 - 13 & 27 - 30 February 7-10 & 24-27 March 7-10 & 24-27
April 7-10 & 25-28 May 9-12 & 26-29 June 6-9 & 23-26
July 4-7 & 21-24 August 1-4 & 18-20 September 1-4 & 19-22

You can book for the MPC any of the Offices listed below:

Pastoral Ministry Office
Samanwaya, Archbishop’s House Campus,
Vellyamblam, Trivandrum.
Ph: +91-471-2724001

Anjego Forane Center
St. Peter’s Forane Church
Anjego, Trivandrum.
Ph: +91-470-2656648tober 3-6 & 23-26 November 7-10 December 1-4 & 12-15

Course Content

Marriage: Covenant, Sacrament & Canon Law

Sacrament of Reconciliation & Marital Life

Holy Eucharist and Marital Life

Active Participation in the Holy Mass

Family Life and Prayer

Sexuality: Gift & Responsibility

Sexuality in Marital relation: gender realities, problems, disorders, solutions and Sex Health, HIV/AIDS

Pregnancy, Birth & Infant Care

Healthy Birth Control & Protection of Life

Gender difference: Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Social realms

Mental Health in Family Life

Happy Family: A Psychological Approach

Expectations of Wife and Husband

Communication in Family

Family Budget

Problem Solving Guidelines

Role of Parents in the Life of Children