Anjengo Introduction

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  1. Hai my loving friends,
    I am Pappachan son of Mr.Leen , It is very very amazing and very appreciable to whom what did good for our native place , I am giving a special thanks for including the pictures of our church , I have a suggestion , make a group name like Anjengo so we share our contact address who is interest to join this group and we can keep in touch with others in a single place we can discussed everything about our Anjengo and we can try to make better Anjego , Also try to add a daily news coloum so we can understand the new changes and new incidence of our Anhinga. It is very helpful of are NRI Anhinga

    Also I would like to know who are the person’s or person behind this idea , Once again my heartfelt greeting to our all of our friends


    Leen Pappachan
    Doha, Qatrar